Academic and Operational Assessment

Assessment Process

At Red Lake Nation College, assessment occurs in the same manner for academics as it does for daily operations and departments.  Each committee and each department begins each academic year with a Work Plan.  These Work Plans indicate the goals, outcomes, activities, measures of effectiveness, data collection tools, time frames and responsible parties.  Work plans are reviewed by the committees and/or departments on a monthly basis to assess progress.  At the end of the academic year, the results are aggregated and presented in an annual progress report.  Recommendations for appropriate changes are included in these reports and are driven by the collection of data throughout the year.  Changes are then implemented through committees, demonstrating continuous improvements.  Work plans are then created for the next academic year with new goals and outcomes, effectively "closing the loop."  

Assessment of Student Learning Philosophy

At Red Lake Nation College student learning involves the mastery of subject content, application of knowledge, utilization of resources and problem-solving. College faculty, staff, and administration work to support a positive environment for student achievement and development. The primary function for determining effective student learning is the assessment process that uses a variety of valid and reliable measures to monitor and improve courses, services and programs.

Assessment Committee (Nindakobidoomin)

The Red Lake Nation College Assessment Committee embraces the principle that effective and meaningful assessment is an integral part of the educational process and supports data-driven decision making. Institutional and program assessment supports the mission of Red Lake Nation College by exercising Nibwaakaawin (wisdom).  Nibwaakaawin is an ongoing process that is acquired by gaining knowledge and improving skills. Click here for Assessment Committee minutes.

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