Red Lake Nation College is dedicated to providing each student with individualized support and attention necessary for a successful college experience. We understand that navigating through college can be a challenge. To assist students with college entrance and completion, we provide support and encouragement through a variety of services.


Shieleen Omen

VP of Student Success

Student Success Counselors

Miranda Tessendorf-Admissions

Brandon Spears-Career/Transfer Student Records

Krystal Jourdain-Student Records

Jen Hart-Recruitment

Devery Fairbanks-Events, Instructor

Rose Barrett-Events

Also Available

Nokomis Paiz

Director of Counseling & Continuing Education

Support Services


  • One-on-one assistance with Admissions Application & Financial Aid

  • Tutoring

  • Individual counseling

  • Career planning

  • Disability Services

Monday Gatherings


At RLNC, we focus on the importance of the cultural experience of students and connecting with one another to build a RLNC support system.


On a bi-weekly basis, you have the opportunity to enjoy a potluck lunch and participate in a Drum Social. From time to time, during these gatherings, you will hear from a variety of speakers regarding various topics related to your life as a student. All students are welcome and encouraged to join us!

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