At Red Lake Nation College, we believe that the security of our campus is a responsibility shared by all members of the College community.  Security awareness and crime prevention are traits that serve to protect individuals and the community as a whole. At Red Lake Nation College, students, staff, and faculty are expected to demonstrate Manaaji’idiwin (Ojibwe for respect).  This includes being respectful of the thoughts and ideas of others; accepting cultural, religious and gender differences; maintaining high standards of conduct at all times; and safeguarding the dignity, individuality and rights of others.


Daily crime logs are maintained by campus safety personnel.  To request access to view these crime logs, please submit a written request via email to Security at  

Meet our Security Personnel 

Crime Prevention Tips:


  1. Don't allow technology to decrease your awareness of your surroundings.

  2. Report all suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities to campus security.

  3. After dark, walk in well-lit areas of the campus.

  4. When walking to your vehicle, have your keys ready in hand.

  5. Avoid bringing cash, wallets, or valuable items with you into the fitness room.

  6. If using the fitness room, make sure to keep personal items locked when working out.

  7. Keep personal belongings in your sight at all times.

  8. Keep your vehicle locked and windows rolled up when not in use.

Annual Campus Safety Report

September 30, 2016

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act assures that college campuses provide information about predatory sex offenders in the area.  This information can be found on the

Minnesota Predatory Offender Registration website

as well as on the Tribes and Territories Sex Offender Information System located on the

Red Lake Nation Sex Offender Registry.

Reporting an Incident or Crime:


When reporting an incident or crime, try to recall the following information:


1. Nature of the incident

2. When and where the incident           occurred.

3. Number of persons involved             (names, sex, race, age, height,           clothing, distinctive   


4. Direction and method of    


5. Vehicles involved (make,     

    model, color, license plate


6. Description of stolen 


7. Any other applicable 


Annual Campus Safety Report

September 30, 2017

Annual Campus Safety Report

September 28, 2018

Annual Campus Safety Report

September 19, 2019

Fire Alarm Inspection Report
November 3, 2016
AY 2016-17 Fire Drills

06/10/16  10:17 am


10/19/16  9:30 am


5/26/17  12:50 pm

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