Co-Curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular Definition: 
Red Lake Nation College has defined “co-curricular programming” as extra- curricular activities, programs and learning experiences that complement the academic curriculum and enhance the mission of the Red Lake Nation College. Co-curricular activities have department specific objectives and are embedded with the academic course structure.

What is assessed?  Course-embedded language and culture projects in Ojibwe and culture courses as well as seminars, language bowls, and specific cultural events that focus on identity.

Outcome: Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves as Anishinaabe people within the context of a global society. 

What is assessed?  Membership and participation on the Student Council and other student organizations.

Outcome: Participants will demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork.

What is assessed? Participation in Monday Gatherings and other events held on campus.


Outcome: Participants will demonstrate Anishinaabe awareness and knowledge.

What is assessed? Continuing Education courses and Service Learning Activities. 


Outcomes: Participants will communicate effectively with others both verbally and in writing.  Participants will assume a sense of civic responsibility and a commitment to public life.

What is assessed?  Participation in tutoring, Service Learning activities, the Success Mentor Program and the Pass Committee. 


Outcome: Participants will cultivate a propensity for lifelong learning.

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