Community Education (Aanike-gikinoo’amaagozing)


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Welcome to the Community Education program at Red Lake Nation College. The goal of our program is to enrich the lives of our community through “apane nanda-gikendang” always seeking knowledge.

We strive to build and maintain partnerships with our service area schools, agencies, and businesses to provide quality training opportunities required for employment, college readiness, transition, promotion, success, Ojibwe culture, Ojibwe language and lifelong learning.

It is our hope to present these opportunities to our community thereby increasing community involvement on our campus.

Community Education is an opportunity for local citizens, schools, agencies and institutions to become active partners in addressing education and community concerns.  Community Education embraces these beliefs: education is a lifelong process, everyone in the community shares a responsibility for the mission of educating all members of the community and citizens have a right and responsibility to link the needs of the resources to improve their community.


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