Course Information/Descriptions

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ANSH 1100 Introduction to Anishinaabe Studies
ANSH 2100 Anishinaabeg in Cinema and Popular Culture
ANSH 2200 Anishinaabe Leadership - Service Learning
ARTS 1100 Anishinaabe Arts
ARTS 1200 Black Ash Basket Making
BIOL 1100 Introductory Biology I
BIOL 1200 Introductory Biology II
BIOL 2100 Environmental Science
BIOL 2200 Human Anatomy and Physiology
CEXP 1100 Career Explorations
CHEM 1100 General Chemistry
ECON 2100 Economics of Anishinaabe Nations
ECON 2900 Integrating International Economies, Statistics and Society
ENGL 0900 Writing and Reading Skills
ENGL 1100 Composition
ENGL 1200 Myths and Legends
ENGL 2100 Creative Writing
ENGL 2200 Literature and the Environment
ENGL 2300 Argument and Exposition
ENGL 2400 Anishinaabe Literature
ENGL 2500 Writing Lab Practicum
FYEX 1100 First Year Experience
GEOG 2100 Cultural Geography
HIST 1100 Anishinaabe and U.S. History, 1830-Present
HIST 1200 History of the Red Lake Nation
HUSV 1100 Introduction to Human Services
HUSV 1200 Personal Care Assistants
HUSV 1300 Introduction to Helping Skills and Process
HUSV 2100 Case Management
HUSV 2200 Crisis Intervention
HUSV 2300 Community Services Practicum - Service Learning
MATH 0900 Algebra Skills
MATH 1100 Math Reasoning
MATH 1200 Environmental Math
MATH 1500 College Algebra
MATH 1700 Introductory Statistics
MUSC 1100 Anishinaabe Music and Dance
OJIB 1100 Ojibwemowin I
OJIB 1200 Ojibwemowin II
OJIB 2100 Ojibwemowin III
OJIB 2200 Ojibwemowin IV
PHED 1100 Contemporary Fitness and Nutrition
PHIL 1600 Anishinaabe Philosophy
PHIL 1800 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 2100 Ethics
POLS 1100 Introduction to American Politics
POLS 2100 Treaty Law I
POLS 2200 Treaty Law II
PSCI 1100 Physical Science
PSCI 1200 Earth Science
PSYC 1100 Introductory Psychology
PSYC 1200 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 2100 Anishinaabe Psychology
PSYC 2200 Abnormal Psychology
SOCL 1100 Introductory Sociology
SOCL 1200 Criminal Justice and Society
SOCL 1700 Drug Use and Abuse
SOCL 2100 Social Issues and Change
SOCL 2200 Race and Gender Relations
SOCL 2300 Understanding Hate
SOCL 2400 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
SOCL 2500 Family Dynamics
SPCH 2100 Speech and Communications
TECH 0900 Computer Basics
TECH 1200 Fundamentals of Web Design and App Development
TECH 2100 Digital Storytelling and Preservation

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