Directory of Staff, Faculty, and Administration

Linda Bedeau
Adjunct Instructor
Ext. 2860
Nadine Bill
Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
Ext. 1046
Lucas Bratvold
Anishinaabe Language and Culture Instructor
Ext. 1015
Janna Desjarlait
Accounts Payable
Ext. 1020
Dr. Bonnie Ekstrom
Director of Counseling and Extension Services
Devery Fairbanks
Anishinaabe Culture Instructor and Student Success Counselor
Ext. 1025
Jasmine Gonzalez
Assistant Grant Writer
Michelle Graves
Director of Enrollment & Outreach
Dr. Wendy Greenberg
Grant Writer and Adjunct Instructor
Ext. 1030
Dr. Tom Hokanson
Social and Behavioral Sciences Instructor
Ext. 1026
Tammi Jalowiec
Communications and Public Relations Coordinator
Jeffrey Jones
Mathematics and Technology Instructor
Ext. 1029
Racheal Jorgenson
IT Technician
Ext. 1008
Floyd "Buck" Jourdain
Director of Equity, Cultural Education & Archives
Karyn Jourdain
Student Success Counselor - Recruitement
Ext. 1014
Krystal Jourdain
Financial Aid Coordinator
Ext. 1034
Dan King
Ext. 1001
Danielle King
Student Success Counselor
Ext. 2860
Jamie King
Business Office Specialist
Ext. 1035
Shelly Knight
AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer:
Cultural Connections Health Coordinator
Work cell: (218)766-3572
Stephanie Morgan
Adjunct Instructor
Ext. 2860
Tami Nendick
Science and Environmental Studies Instructor
Ext. 2860
James Nissen
Adjunct Instructor
Ext. 2860
Tami Niswander
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 1006
Taija Noel
Developmental Education Instructor
Ext. 1021
Dr. Carla Norris-Raynbird
Adjunct Instructor
Ext. 2860
Shieleen Omen
Director of Student Success
Ext. 1002
Michelle Paquin
Adjunct Instructor

Ext. 2860
Lea Perkins
Adjunct Instructor
Ext. 2860
Abel Sanchez
Facilities Technician
Ext. 2860
Mandy Schram
Vice President of Operations and Academic Affairs
Ext. 1004
Darrell Seki, Jr.
Campus Security
Ext. 1028
Terrence Senogles
Campus Security
Ext. 2860
Brandon Spears
Student Success Counselor - Registrar
Ext. 1013
Kevin Spears
Campus Security Supervisor
Ext. 1028
Jacob Starks
Director of Library Services
Ext. 1007
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