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Fierce independence, self-reliance and perseverance have been key character traits of the Red Lake People since time immemorial.


It is these stubborn traits of survival that have allowed Red Lake to persevere and maintain a Tribe that is rich in culture with a large land base of almost one million acres.  However, these great character traits and large land resources have not resulted in economic prosperity for the Red Lake Nation.


With unemployment rates at about 60% on the Red Lake Reservation, it is vital that the Tribe provide accessible higher education and training that will lead to more economic development and employment.  Furthermore, there is still a shortage of Tribal Members who are educated to be teachers, managers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and leaders in just about every area of Red Lake business and government.


The Red Lake Tribe and the College are making a huge financial commitment and investment in our future through a loan, which provides for the basic construction of the new campus and all the furniture, fixtures and equipment for the new campus.  Our goal is to provide students with a world-class education that will prepare them to succeed in the 21st-Century work place.  This will require that we build a technology bridge that will provide the latest in High Definition and Virtual Presence technology.  This will enable us to partner with other colleges and universities to offer classes that can be taken in Red Lake, while being taught from a college or university that is hundreds of miles away.  Such a partnership will allow for a higher quality of instruction and a wider variety of classes for all educational partners involved.


Additionally, we will be expanding our library about ten times the size of the current library, from 500 square feet to 5,330 sqare feet for the new Library and Tribal Archives, which, in the future, will include a Tribal Historical Museum and an Ojibwe Language and Culture Center that will make Red Lake the “Ojibwe Capital of the World.” 


These “above and beyond” visions of providing the Red Lake Community with the latest in technology and learning resources will require more funding than our loan for the basic construction and standard furniture, fixtures and equipment will cover.  Therefore, RLNC is seeking tax-deductible donations to help create a 21st-Century campus that will make it possible for American Indian students to obtain an education and develop leadership skills that will make a difference not only on our reservation but throughout the region.  Since the Red Lake Nation College is a public institution, all people are welcome.




Dan King



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