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Red Lake Nation College Board of Regents

Red Lake Nation College has an independent governing board that possesses and exercises the necessary legal power to establish and review the basic policies that govern the institution. The Red Lake Nation College Board of Regents is responsible to the Sovereign Nation of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians and sensitive to their hopes, ambitions, and needs. The Board has the responsibility of formulating policy for the College, as well as providing oversight and control. For more information on the individual BOR members, click on their picture. 








Lorena Cook
Charlys May
Vice Chairperson
Rachele Donnell
Dell Johnson
Bill May
Spiritual & Cultural Advisor
Donovan English
Delwyn Holthusen
Sharon Norris
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Next Board of Regents Meeting:

Sept. 12, 2019

Red Lake Nation College Committees


In addition to governance by the Board of Regents, Red Lake Nation College staff and faculty members serve on a variety of committees in order to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.  For more information on RLNC committees, click here.  

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