Requirements for Graduation

  • Must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

  • Must satisfy at least the number of credits required for specific degree/certificate/diploma, as outlined in the catalog curriculum.

  • Must complete the Graduation Application and Summary at the Student Services office during registration for the final semester of a student’s attendance at RLNC.

  • Must fulfill all financial and academic obligations prior to the date of graduation.

  • Must fulfill the residency requirements of RLNC.

  • Students must be within three (3) credits of graduation in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

  • If graduating from a RLNC degree program, students must have completed all degree requirements before participating in the ceremony.

Class of 2016


Commencement exercises are held after the close of spring semester. Students lacking more than three credits will not be allowed to participate in commencement. Students lacking 3 credits or less to fulfill their graduation requirements will need to register for those credits prior to commencement.


Students graduating from an RLNC degree program must have met all requirements prior to participating in the ceremony.

Intent to Graduate Form

At the beginning of their final semester, students intending to graduate must complete a formal “Graduation Planning Summary and Application” form in consultation with their advisor. A graduation fee of $30, which will cover the cost of a cap and gown, must be paid at this time. Students will receive their diplomas and officially graduate at the time they complete all degree requirements. Formal graduation ceremonies are held once each year in the spring.

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