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Where are RLNC Graduates finding employment?

Below is a list of the employers that have hired RLNC graduates starting with the largest employer.


  1. Red Lake Gaming Enterprises (multiple positions)

  2. Red Lake Independent School District (Teacher's Aides/Paraprofessionals)

  3. New Beginnings (case managers, cafe manager)

  4. Red Lake Department of Natural Resources (technicians)

  5. Red Lake Courts (Advocates)

  6. Bureau of Indian Affairs (Roads Engineers)

  7. Red Lake Tribal Accounting Office (Clerks)

  8. Red Lake Child and Family Services

  9. Red Lake Nation College (multiple positions)

  10. Red Lake Daycare (Childcare workers)

  11. Red Lake Homeless Shelter (Case workers)

  12. Personal Care Assistants

  13. Red Lake Division of Rehabilitation Services

  14. Self-Employment

  15. Red Lake Housing Authority

For more information on employment opportunities, visit with a Student Success Counselor who can assist you with career awareness and planning.  


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