About Red Lake Nation College

The Red Lake Nation College (RLNC) was chartered by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians in 2001 to provide higher education opportunities for Tribal members living on and near the Red Lake reservation.  Prior to the opening of Red Lake Nation College, Red Lake members were forced to drive two hours round-trip daily in order to attend college.  The rural location of the reservation, the high cost of transportation, and daycare costs were all huge barriers to attending college for Tribal Members.
In the Fall of 2017, RLNC enrolled 146 students to start the semester.  Over 90% of these students would not be in college if the RLNC were not in existence. 

The Red Lake Nation College is currently a candidate for accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.
The marketing slogan of the Red Lake Nation is “A Great Place to Start!”  We want students to attend RLNC and earn an Associate in Arts Degree, move on to attain a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate Degree or Professional Degree, and eventually, come back and help the reservation community grow and prosper. 
Our main goals are to provide an excellent, culturally relevant higher education that also prepares our students for the 21st-Century job market. During their education at RLNC, students will develop not only a positive sense of pride in their Ojibwe culture and identity, but also, the confidence and academic skills needed to succeed at higher levels of education.


“To provide excellent higher education that is grounded in the Ojibwe language and culture of the Red Lake Nation.”


The Red Lake Ojibwe follows the greater Anishinaabe philosophy of life and living.  According to this philosophy and view of the world, humans did not create or weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.


As a result of this philosophy, kinship among all of creation, not the mastery of our relatives (other humans, animals, plants, etc.) is vital to harmonious living.  At the Red Lake Nation College, we will use, follow, encourage and support these

Ojibwe Culture Principles & Values


Red Lake Nation College will strive to be a center for academic excellence on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, equipping students with a knowledge of their language, culture, and self, and preparing them to carry this knowledge forward into future generations.


(The good life for us all)

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