Institutional Level Assessment


Our institutional assessment is designed to answer the question, "As an institution, are we doing what we say we are doing and are we doing it well?" At the end of each academic year, each RLNC department and committee completes an annual report summarizing their work on that year's work plan.  Based on those accomplishments and measurable outcomes, a new work plan is developed for the following academic year.  Each new work plan is designed to improve operations in each department in order to contribute to greater student and institutional success.  At Red Lake Nation College, the Strategic Planning Goals are directly linked to student learning.  


Institutional Outcomes

1. Students will learn inherent knowledge of the Red Lake Ojibwe language, culture, and history.

2. Students will demonstrate leadership through effective verbal and written communication.

3. Students will examine the world through critical inquiry and analysis.

4. Students will learn values and principles of an Ojibwe worldview and exercise civic responsibility.

5. Students will gain fundamental knowledge in math, science, and technology


Institutional Outcome Rubrics 

Academic Planning Priorities

1. Attain Candidacy Status with the Higher Learning Commission and work toward full accreditation.

2. Provide high quality and rigorous liberal arts and professional academic programs offered by qualified and experienced faculty.

3. Recruit, retain, and graduate members of the Red Lake Nation and surrounding communities.

4. Ensure that all Red Lake Nation College courses and curricula are current and of high quality.

5. Enhance links to the Red Lake Nation community to insure relevance of academic programs and increase job-placement upon graduation.

6. Expand current academic degree programs in Environmental Science, Business Management, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Professional Certificate Programs.

7. Expand the use of technology in the teaching and learning environment.

Strategic Planning Goals

All strategic planning goals align to the mission of Red Lake Nation College:  To provide excellent higher education that is grounded in the Ojibwe language and culture of the Red Lake Nation.  The Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated annually by the Strategic Planning Committee.

I Enrich and Expand Academic Programs

Goal Alignment:  Outstanding education is provided when students have choices among diverse fields of study, have access to qualified and caring faculty members, and have available technological resources that will prepare them for continuing education or career entry.

II Increase Student Success and Access to Higher Education

Goal Alignment: In order to receive excellent higher education, students must have access within their community and the support to persist through the educational program.

III Provide a Rich Cultural Experience

Goal Alignment: It is important for the Red Lake Nation College to promote and encourage the use of the Ojibwe language so the language is not lost for future generations.  The Red Lake Nation College promotes the seven grandfather teachings and believes that these teachings are integral to achieving wisdom and quality education.

IV Develop and Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Goal Alignment: Excellent education is achieved by making informed decisions based on data and results.

V Provide First-Rate Tribal College Facilities

Goal Alignment: High quality facilities that display and promote the language and culture of the Red Lake Nation will be critical to improving the quality of education offered by the Red Lake Nation.

VI Strengthen Financial Foundation and Infrastructure

Goal Alignment: An outstanding academic experience can only be provided to students by an institution that has financial security and stability.

VII Establish Effective College-Wide Coordination and Collaboration

Goal Alignment: Quality education begins with collaboration and effective communication among departments with distinctly different goals and objectives.  Effective insititutions require that all parties participate in the larger mission and the broader vision of the institution.

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