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Applicants who have attended college prior to admission are defined as transfer students. An official transcript, which must be mailed directly from the previously attended institution to RLNC, or delivered by the student in its original, sealed envelope, is required for evaluation and transfer of credits to RLNC. 

The following credits will be accepted for transfer from regionally accredited institutions:

•       Courses with letter grades of “D” or better

•       Courses earned within the past ten (10) years, or

•       Courses earned before the past 10 years with academic department approval

•       100/1000+ level courses (developmental/remedial courses will not transfer)


Transferring students must include official transcripts with their admissions applications for registration purposes. No more than 34 credits may be transferred from other institutions in order to meet the degree requirements of RLNC. Courses are evaluated by the Student Records Department, and not all courses will transfer.  

High School students who have successfully passed Advanced Placement Courses with a score of 3 or higher are eligible to transfer those credits in for college credit.  Official documentation of exam scores must be provided.

College credits are evaluated based on the applicability to the degree major. Students who do not agree with the College’s decision regarding the credit transfer may submit an appeal to the Student Records Department. Students requesting an appeal must provide reasonable material, such as a course description or syllabus from their previous institution, to support their case.

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